YouTube Name: Morgan Alexander / FluttersweetFan82

Additional Information
First Episode Season 1 Episode 1
Latest Episode Season 2 Episode 6
Alive or Dead Alive

(Dies offscreen after Season 1 Episode 2 by Mystic)

Miraculous Fox
Superhero Identity Flutter Rouge
Powers Illusion (as Flutter Rouge)

Predict the future

Turning into Flutter Rage

Alignment Good

Evil (when controlled by Void)

Hair Colour Lavender and pink with light blue highlight
Colour Pink
Nicknames Flitterfloosh


Friends Trev






Enemies Void



Likes Ponies



Being annoying


Steven Universe

Dislikes Duolingo

Anyone taking her cookies

Being yelled at


Flutter in Season 1

About Edit

Flutter is one of the mods in the mod house, she was born in Texas, United States and moved to the mod house in California, United States. With the fox Miraculous that Sophie gave her, Flutter can transform into Flutter Rouge, gaining the power of illusion to stop Void and his gang along with the other mods.

Appearance Edit

Physical appearance Edit


Flutter Rouge

Flutter is a teenage girl with lavender and pink hair and pony ears that are apart of her hair. In Season 1, her hair is hip-length with bangs slightly covering her right eye and has a magenta heart on her cheek and a lavender pony tail. In Season 2, her hair is longer and has a lavender heart on her cheek, as well as Flutter has light blue eyes with pink pupils.

Civilian attire Edit

Season 1 Edit

She has a purple and pink skirt, and light blue sandals with pink straps.

Season 2 Edit

Flutter wears a long-sleeved short dress that is light blue and pink. She has long purple pants and light blue shoes with pink soles and laces.

As Flutter Rouge (Flutter's version of Rena Rouge from Miraculous) Edit

As Flutter Rouge, she wears an orange and white skintight bodysuit with black gloves and shoes. She also has an orange fox tail with a white tip and orange fox ears with white insides. Flutter Rouge's mask is orange.


Flutter Rage

As Flutter Rage Edit

Flutter Rage has the same clothes as Flutter in Season 2, but her hair changes to red and is really messy. Her eyes also change to black.

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