YouTube Name: Trevaless' Tales

Additional Information
First Episode Season 1 Episode 1
Latest Episode Season 2 Episode 6
Alive or Dead Alive
Miraculous Turtle
Superhero Identity TrevPace
Powers Protection (as TrevPace)
Alignment Good

Evil (when controlled by Void)

Hair Colour Blonde with a dark blue highlight
Colour Blue
Friends Taco






Enemies Void



Likes Turtles
Dislikes When Taco, Teddy, and Flutter play Miraculous music

Flutter being annoying

Being knocked over

About Edit

Trev is the leader of the mod house, he was born in Wisconsin, United States and moved to the mod house in California, United States. With the turtle Miraculous that Sophie gave him, Trev can transform into TrevPace, gaining the power of protection to stop Void and his gang along with the other mods.

Appearance Edit

Physical appearance Edit


Trev is a young adult man with medium-length blonde hair and dark blue highlight on his bangs and light blue eyes. He also wears black glasses and headphones.

Civilian attire Edit

Season 1 Edit

Trev wears a blue long-sleeved jacket and a plain black shirt underneath, he also has dark grey long pants and black shoes with blue soles. Trev has black and light blue dragon wings on his back.

Season 2 Edit


Similar to season 1, Trev wears a blue hoodie with black features, he also wears dark grey long pants with black shoes. Trev has black and light blue dragon wings on his back too.

As TrevPace (Trev's version of Carapace from Miraculous) Edit

As TrevPace, his hair and glasses stays the same but loses the headphones. He wears a dark green skintight bodysuit with black protectors on his arms and legs, TrevPace also wears a dark green hood and shell.

Personality Edit

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